The world of intuition and energetic health is a broad horizon with lots of tools and concepts worth exploring and mastering. However, there are some key concepts and issues that I find I often cover with people in my classes and practice that I believe are important to share. The following articles are shared in hopes that they will help you answer some common questions to support you on your journey and even help you decide if our approach is what you’re seeking from a practitioner or class.

Intuitive knowledge isn’t really that complex or available for only “special” or “gifted” people. We believe it is a right of every person, and there are some very simple reasons to exercise this muscle that will add immensely to your quality of life.

You can look to teachers to help you remember your own inner knowing, but there are some important reasons not to give your power away. Every path of knowledge is rooted in long-standing traditions; there is nothing new under the sun. Exploring energetic literacy and your own empowerment within the available models will help you stay empowered and healthy.

Positive thinking is great and can be powerful, but many modern new age concepts around positivity and health and wellness are based in models of guilt and “sin” that don’t address the real causes of illness and misalignment. For sensitive people, there are a number of other reasons they may get sick that are the first place to look.

Spiritual and emotional fatigue are often the root cause of our feeling stuck, disconnected, or generally bored with our lives. By exploring the reasons behind our misalignment and trying a new solution, we can often shift the energy no matter how we are feeling.

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