It's A Matter Of Changing Your Perspective

When we feel sad, depressed, and unwell, we are actually feeling “disconnected”. Disconnected from ourselves, our light, our truth, our environment. We feel low energy and sometimes an inner stubbornness and commitment to being unwell. Why is that? We are overwhelmed and depleted. This is at the root of everything else. When we are overwhelmed and in basic survival mode there is very little energy reserve. It can be hard to problem-solve and reconnect during these times. We can become emotionally and creatively blocked.

The most vital aspect to problem-solving and shifting our thinking is creativity! When you are down in the land of emotional hell or loss or grief, you need a creative spark to even begin to leave that inner darkness.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

As Einstein’s words remind us, changing your perspective is incredibly empowering. First of all, you don’t need anything extra to do it! We all have the capacity to shift our inner lenses. And it’s often just the thing you need to get out of a crappy situation and move on with your life. Same Problem + Creative Thinking = Solution!

Sounds easy enough. We all know that you can rub two sticks together to get a couple creative sparks, and then you gotta blow on them to build that fire. But what if you’ve been rubbing those damn sticks together and nothing has shifted? You’re in a cycle of exhaustion. You’re depleted. So, you might want to go borrow a lighter for awhile. Or a lantern.

So if you find yourself with a couple piece of smoking wet wood, slow down, take a deep breath and light your way with Lotus Lantern.

Different Types of Spiritual and Emotional Fatigue

As a basis for our work together, I separate people suffering from spiritual and emotional fatigue into three groups:

The first group is the (O.O.C.H) Out-of-Control Healers. These people are emotionally high-maintenance and overly dramatic, but don’t actually have a whole lot of situational problems. Meaning you hear their story and can’t figure out why they feel so “unwell”. These people need help understanding what their own emotional crap is and what belongs to others. Their ability to discern is not there. Or maybe they know what’s not their crap, but they are totally addicted to “helping” everyone but themselves.

To find relief, Out-of-Control Healers need to find a new purpose beyond donating their blood, sweat, and tears. If they break the addiction of giving away what they don’t have to give, they will effortlessly and naturally start healing. Also, the dark side loves Out-of-Control Healers. They are delicious. Darth Vader and his crew hunt for these people because they are easy prey. These types of people have loads of needy people in their inner circle telling them they are not doing or giving enough. When Out-of-Control Healers learn to create tough love boundaries with these energy vampires, massive healing will follow.

(Why do I understand this archetype so well? Because I have seriously been this person!!)

The second group of people actually has a lot of bad situations. They have loss and trauma galore. You hear their stories and think, “Wow, how has this person actually survived?” They do have shit to deal with. I have a friend who went to a New Age workshop and this friend is someone who has had serious fucking loss. Like the love of her life died right after she gave birth to their child. And she is at this workshop where they are processing all of their “Out-of-Control Healer” stuff and she’s irritated because some seriously fucked up shit actually happened to her. So she came up with these two hilarious categories for bad stuff that happens. (And the fact she did this proves she’s a positive thinker having a shitty life!)

The first category is the stuff we’ve created through psychic dramas and bad patterns. We need to uncover this shit pronto and prune it away. We need to become healthy by creating a healthy inner garden.

The other category is called (S.T.J.H) “The Shit That Just Happens To You”. Ha ha! You get to pile that up, cuz that’s all you can do. And here’s what’s awesome: after you can accept that you didn’t subconsciously want the love of your life to die and therefore didn’t “create your cancer”, you instantly have a neutral perspective. You stop personalizing the situation, gain neutrality, gain perspective, and gain your power back. You can move on to new situations while addressing the stuff that you can change.

The last group of people I treat is the Combo. Combo types have been living as Out-of-Control Healers for so long that their inner gardens have become an overgrown mess, resulting in serious life issues that perpetuate the cycle. Combo folks need to create major boundaries, take responsibility for the situations they have subconsciously manifested, and let go of the responsibility for the situations that were beyond their control.

The tools that are taught in Passport To Intuition empower all of these archetypes.

Whether the work you need to do is about creating emotional boundaries, accepting shitty situations, or cultivating tools for moving toward the light, this class will provide you with the inner resources you need to walk through the world with clear boundaries and ride the currents of life with grace!