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Meet Our Team

Rev. Liliana Barzola


Rev. Liliana Barzola, an intuitive since childhood, uses her gift to enable individuals, couples, and organizations to find clarity and direction. She is a first generation, successful Latina entrepreneur. She resides in Oregon with her 3 perros (chocolate lab, coon hound and sheppard mix), 5 chickens and her spouse, Bri. She has conducted over 20,000 in-person and phone intuitive sessions, and taught over 600 students, since 2002. Her practice, Lotus Lantern Healing Arts, has an international clientele including individuals in Australia, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, Venezuela, Africa, the UK, and every US state.

Rev. Josie Coleman

Intuitive Healer, Astrologer, and Animal Communicator

Have you ever felt weighed down? For days, months, or even years? Josie’s unique blend of astrology, intuition and healing will help you find relief. Josie Coleman is our trusted energy worker who has been training under Liliana since 2005. Her medicine takes many forms along with her one-to-one sessions she transmits healing into her visual art series.

Bri Condon

(Consulting and Executive Coaching Services)

Bri Condon helps you answer questions like, ‘where do I begin?’ and ‘why is this project stalled?’ She does this with engaging dialogue and a collaborative spirit. She takes you to the heart of the issue and helps you blueprint out the steps to success. 

Dr. Candida Schwartz

Dr. Candida Schwartz draws from her Italian heritage as a healer and intuitive. She was one of Liliana’s first students and clients. Now she is an intuitive energy healer and artist.

Rev. Jenna Dalton

Facilitator, Intuitive, Teen and Parent Mentor.

Jenna Dalton is an intuitive healer, facilitator, teacher, artist, mother, musician and empowerment coach. While she has many talents that can help a person move from insecurity to authenticity, currently, she is mostly focused on meeting the adolescents where they are at and supporting their mind/body/heart wellness.

Our Beloved
Lora Potter

Sep 22, 1953 - April 10th, 2022

Our magical Lora Potter passed away on the evening of Sunday April 10th, 2022 with grace and courage. Her lovely voice greeted our clients for 16 years. She listened and helped and made us all feel loved. She was the founder’s right hand woman. Her impact will be remembered by all those she touched. She is irreplaceable.