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Trust in Yourself - Remember

We Don’t Believe in “Recruitment” or “Programming”

Have you ever felt pressured to join a club or buy a product? Everybody says it will be in your best interest to do so… Just pay the fee, and you’ll be well on your way to:

Everything You've Always Wanted

This is called “recruitment” or “programming,” and we don’t believe in it here.

Everyone is susceptible to it – we all want the inside scoop, right? So it works. But, it can leave you with that feeling that something is still missing. You know what’s missing? You!

Because you are the one with those answers.
Teachers and gurus can remind you, but they aren’t teaching you anything new.

You are the traveler and the guide of your own Earth journey.

There is that moment of a sales pitch where you’re told that you “need” a teacher. Well, who taught the teacher? … That book you just bought about self-care or gemstone meanings? All of that comes from someone… It comes from the author’s inner knowing. Someone sat down and meditated and asked inner questions and wrote that shit down!

Founder and CEO Rev Liliana Barzola, built her business empire by attracting people who felt a profound resonance with her message.

At Lotus Lantern, we believe you already have all the answers you need.
We’re just here to remind you.

Lotus Lantern is right for you:

If you are self-motivated and open-minded.

If you want to tap into your inner guidance.

If you’re interested in co-creation rather than co-dependence.

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