Liliana offers in-person sessions in Portland and Virtual Zoom/Skype/Phone Sessions available too!

What will you get out of a session?

A session can help liberate you from a habit, relationship, deep cultural or behavioral patterns. Our sessions offer support and balance during times of transition, shifts in life’s course or accelerated self-change. Directed by a dialogue with you, Liliana and team can facilitate a healing process in which the very debts of your old karma shift and evolve along with you. Nothing is pre-destined… The obstacles of your past can become the gateways to new beginnings.

What is Intuitive or Spiritual Counseling?

This is a psychic or intuitive reading that can involve several healing methods and components. The Lotus Lantern Healing Arts philosophy is to center and integrate energy back into the body. You will leave our sessions feeling grounded and clear.

Executive Coaching Session or Business Consultation with Liliana

Liliana enjoys working with executives, CEO’s and organizations. She does this by supporting clear communication between business partners and teaches tools for productivity and co-creation.

By phone, Skype or Zoom. We charge an additional $27.00 for video. There is no additional charge for audio only.

60 minutes: $197.00
90 minutes: $277.00

All Other Intuitive Session Pricing

Scroll down to get a list of pricing for all practitioners.

A session can involve one or all of these components:

  • Past life understanding and healing
  • Healing and understanding karmic agreements in a current relationship
  • Clearing foreign energy from the astral and physical bodies
  • Showing you how to ground and cultivating your energy
  • Reconnecting with your higher self and/or purpose

Following a session you should give yourself some time to integrate and relax.

Are you a first time client?

We require you have an hour minimum for your first session. Why? Because we want to have time to get to know you and actually make a difference in your life, not just give you a quick fix and send you on your way. We can offer support in an hour that you just can’t get in less than that. After your first session you are welcome to call back for shorter sessions. Please inquire about pricing for couples sessions.

Rates: We offers 20% off for Services with "YESPLEASE" for people from BIPOC and or LGTBQ+ communities. Enter the coupon code YESPLEASE at check out or let us know in the notes section and we can apply it for you.

(Couple’s add $27.00) We charge an additional $27.00 for video. There is no additional charge for audio only.

Rev. Liliana Barzola: Spiritual Sessions

Liliana Virtual Appointment Rates

15 min Live Virtual Session: $59.00  (Return Clients Only)

15 min Remote Email or Voice Memo: $59.00 (Return Clients Only)

30 min Live Virtual Session: $98.00 (Return Clients Only)

45 min Live Virtual Session: $135.00  (Return Clients Only)

60 min Live Virtual Session: $197.00 YESPLEASE discount for those from the BIPOC & LQBTQ+

90 min Live Virtual Session: $277.00 YESPLEASE discount for those from the BIPOC & LQBTQ+

90 min: $450.00 
60 min: $300.00 
30 min: $150.00 (return clients only)

Josie’s Rates

15 min: $55.00 (Return Clients Only)

30 min: $90.00 (Return Clients Only)

45 min: $125.00 (Return Clients Only)

60 min: $175.00

90 min: $235.00

Your life in nutshell (Astrology Natal chart) 60 min: $195.00 YESPLEASE
Target Astrology (return astrology clients only) 30 min: $105.00

Relationship Astrology 60 min: $225.00

House Clearing 3 hours: $300.00

Bri Condon

Virtual Appointment Rates

60 min: $175.00

How do I set up an appointment?


(Cash/Check accepted for in-person only.)

Schedule an Appointment Online for ALL Practitioners using this button

OR: If you are having trouble finding an appointment Please contact us at 503.320.6882 to schedule. We do not schedule by email due to high volume of emails that we receive. Thank you for understanding.

When you schedule your virtual appointment let us know whether you will want us to call you via phone Skype or Zoom.