Or "Why What We Do Isn't That Weird"

Who are our clients? Every type of person you can imagine. Approximately 80% of my clients are normal everyday professionals who would not consider themselves woo woo in any way. A generous number of them are health care professionals, including a couple of ER doctors who pass out my card to panic attack patients, once they’re cleared and it’s confirmed they’re not actually having a heart attack. (This can be shocking news for a first time panic attacker, as a panic attack often feels exactly like you are dying.) How do these doctors get away with recommending that their ER patient try a psychic to clear some potential past life trauma? They do it on the down low. They hand them my card and say, “Hey, maybe this person can help you. She has helped me and some of my patients. Check it out.” That’s it. They don’t go around telling their colleagues what they are doing. They don’t explain what it is.

Still, it was shocking to me when this started happening about eight years ago. Client after client told me that they were in the ER and got my card from the doctor. And these people have kept me in business. The tools I use to help a person discern intuition from paranoia are effective and lasting, so people get better and they tell more and more people. Some people are in business because their clients stay sick and keep having to come back for medicine. But this type of work empowers people to move on with their lives.

What if you have a spiritual problem and not just a physical one? There are not many conventional doctors who can help you with that. However, I’ve noticed a trend of more and more conventional health care providers getting additional degrees in alternative medicine. Why is that? Because becoming an allopathic doctor teaches you how to treat physical ailments with medicine that can sometimes just mask the underlying problems. If you think these doctors are stupid and don’t realize that, you’re wrong. The doctors that REALLY have their whole hearts in their work KNOW that something is missing. They cannot with a clear conscience just be drug pushers. No way! They get excited and passionate about preventative care, too. They crave more tools so they can better meet their patients’ needs, while empowering them within a system that can feel dehumanizing at times.

And there are more and more of these professionals bridging the gap between the alternative health world and the conventional one. This is great news. This is exactly what is needed. There’s a time and a place for both western-style robot doctors and woo woo witch doctors, but mix them together and you see that science and natural healing complement each other, and that a shift of focus from illness to “well being” can change health care fundamentally!

One of my favorite teachers—an acupuncturist—told me one day, “Conventional doctors study cadavers and dead people to understand the human body and get their degrees. Acupuncturists study the living.” He did not mean this as a criticism, because there’s a need for both (a great book on this is The Scalpel and the Soul).

I don’t want the woo woo witch doctor operating on me when I need surgery. I want the witch doctor to hold my hand, hold space for the operation to go well, give me some positive understanding of what healing means. I want the witch doctor to be on the back end of my surgery, prescribing me strength building herbs or exercises to speed my healing.

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