(Aka Why Positive Thinking Won't Cure Your Cancer)

If one more person living with cancer comes into my office asking me why they “created their cancer”, I don’t know what I’ll do. I might go berserk.

Geez! This type of thinking is not only simplistic and old-fashioned, it’s guilt-driven and similar to Catholic guilt programming. All these recovering Catholics have embraced the “New Age” doctrine and it’s the same damn Kool-Aid. Don’t drink it!

I was chronically ill for most of my childhood and well into my twenties, yet I was a brilliant and dedicated positive thinker. But it didn’t cure me. It wasn’t even the issue. My issue was environmental overwhelm. I had poor energetic boundaries. That means I was like a sieve leaking vital life force energy and not even realizing it. I didn’t know how to cultivate and protect my spark or energy field.  

Curing yourself is so much more complex than positive thinking. In fact, a large number of physicians send their clients to work with me because I’m not a witch doctor telling them that all they need to do is watch all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls (or something similarly absurd) to become healthy.

Looking at health issues, including cancer, you need to consider many factors:

Emotional/Energetic Environment:

What kind of stress have you experienced in your lifetime? Have you ever been in an abusive family or relationship dynamic that kept your immune system in a state of constant stress, perhaps for many years?

Was any of this your fault? Heck no! But these are some of the emotional stressors one needs to consider when working with health concerns.

Physical Environment:

What toxins were you exposed to in utero and growing up? What did you eat, drink, or smoke? Have you had a job that was hard on your body? Or maybe a job that you just really hated?

Spiritual Self-Esteem:

Do you feel connected to yourself? To the universe? Do you feel supported by Mamma Earth? Do you feel connected to nature? Being spiritual can take many forms—it’s really just acknowledging that you are more than a body. You can do this through music, physical movement, hobbies, and being in nature.


Are you isolated? Or supported? Do you have family or a circle of friends where you feel supported and welcome to be yourself? Does your social world drain you or lift you up? Do you have people in your inner circle that you feel fueled by? Or do you often feel like you’re giving all your energy away?

As you can see, for every illness there are a lot of factors to consider, and it certainly can’t merely be chalked up to some emotional block. Even if a person were to clear all spiritual and emotional blocks, there would always be more to consider because we are human beings.

In our work together, we will address the many factors contributing to your illness and the healing responses you can have to them, while simultaneously holding the understanding that your illness is not your fault.