OR: How to filter all the new age crap.

You may want to transform your stressful, anxiety-ridden life into one of ease and choice, but you can’t “remember” how, so you check out one of the many programs, classes, and schools that offer guidance towards self-mastery. These programs and teachings can indeed help you “remember” how to tap into your own truth, but you need to be careful not to swallow all their stuff hook, line, and sinker.

I urge you to maintain your own “seniority” as opposed to “giving your seniority away to someone else”.

Owning your seniority: The act of honoring your life experience and self-understanding. Owning your seniority is the opposite of giving your power or choice away to another person or belief system. There can be a fine line between learning something new because it resonates and blindly adopting the latest fad diet or spiritual program because someone told you to.

You have lived many lifetimes; you have a unique and invaluable library of information living inside of you.

The big spiritual movements on the planet right now can fit into two categories:

1. Christ-force based, think “A Course In Miracles”


2. Eastern based, think traditional Eastern medicines

Whatever the “new” movements are, they’re based on these ancient ones. There is no new stuff! But the information is constantly being updated and brought into present time, making it more accessible, and thank goodness for that!

Whenever you discover new information that resonates with you, take it in and keep what feels true to you, but you should never give your power over to someone or something else in order to stay true to someone else’s philosophy. Deep down, you remember what is truly important to you and your own development. Trust in that.