Intuition should be seen as a basic survival skill. Many successful and happy people are accessing theirs. Why shouldn’t you? Given the times we live in, it’s becoming increasingly important for us to learn how to balance the material world with the spiritual one, and intuition is the key to doing so. Intuition is the ability to discern your own energy and truth from someone else’s. To weed out the noise and find the lotus. To know what is in your highest good.

Some might think that intuitive knowledge is specialized, or that only kooks are drawn to it. We’re here to demystify that, and in doing so, to answer two questions:

  1. How do I not feel overwhelmed?
  2. How do I live my inner truth?

Removing overwhelm? It would be great if we could just stop whenever we felt flustered, but we rarely have the time to slow down. What if, instead, you had tools you could take with you everywhere you go to use in those moments of overwhelm? You would be the calm center of the storm!

I once had an office across from a Flamenco studio. There was lots of shouting and stomping and it was jarring at times. It didn’t stop me from meditating and even teaching meditation in that space. As those dancers taught me, the world isn’t going to stop for any of us. But the good news is that as you develop your intuition, you learn to move and adapt to your own environment without being disturbed by the winds that blow around you.

Lotus Lantern is dedicated to making information about accessing your innate intuition available and accessible to people everywhere through our classes, free online resources, private sessions, and online forums where students can trade information about what’s worked for them. No matter where you live, our offerings can help you access and hone your intuitive skills to make your own life and our shared earth a much more lovely place to inhabit. As we learn to tap into our deepest intuitive knowledge, we become more and more capable of hearing the whispers of our hearts and living lives that are most aligned with our truest selves. And in doing so, we find that we are able to shed the things that overwhelm us and become more equipped to take on opportunities that fire us up and help us grow.