People have gathered together in sacred circles since the beginning of time. In modern times, we mostly don’t. We have been pitted against one another. We have gotten lost in ridiculous cultural games that have exhausted us instead of empowering us.We have been caught up in shaming each other and ourselves.We have been caught up in trauma and grief and isolation.We have forgotten the rituals and medicine of gathering in sacred circles.

We are here to remind you, about the power of the healing circles.

There is no one “right” way to do a sacred circle. There are as many different ways to gather and have ceremony as there are lineages.

What to expect?

We welcome you into our circle.

Feel free to bring your courage, your pain, your tears and your laughter.

Bring your numbness, your defeat, your disappointment, your trauma.

The circle is an invitation to come as you are.

Our Circle Guides weave energy work and meditation into each circle. Our circles are an opportunity for healing that is subtle and not forced or expected; a place for emergent wisdom to bubble up.

Participants and invited to listen to stories and to share their own if they choose. To join and leave as they choose. We do not control content of what is expressed of shared in the group.