Lotus Lantern Healing Arts

The Magical Witch In The Woods

Written and Read by Rev. Liliana Barzola and Gabriella Illustrated by Josie Hopla


Buy our children’s book for the holiday season!

This is a chapter book that my daughter and I created over the past 2 years. We are now ready to share it with you. This sweet book is available for sale as a gift for your little one or someone special in your life that is caregiving for children. It’s also good for grown ups too! Listening to a story together is a profound way to heal old wounds and prevent exhaustion, especially during the winter.


Purchase now for $25.00 and get

-20 min long Audio book version (Downloadable)

-20 min long Access to Video of an illustrated version

-Fun recipes for baking and creating with your kids.


This is a great way for begin a conversation about intuition. Kids can teach you much more about intuition then you can teach them. As parents and caregivers we must honor their natural knowing thus helping them keep it alive.


Following your intuition

Using your breath to self soothe

The power of believing in magic

That nature and herbs can be used to heal our bodies.

That nature still speaks to us


“The essence of a good story has the glow, the voice, and a fragrance that causes us to be raised up from contemplating the shit on our tails to occasionally traveling in the company of the stars.” -Clarissa pinkola estes


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