Begin your journey into the circle of the sisterhood! Healer and world-renowned psychic Rev. Liliana Barzola brings you into her circle. With this groundbreaking facilitators guide, she invites you to remember and create your own rituals. Take back your ancient women’s circle. The circle is your origin, your hearth fire; a container for growth, connection and play. At a point in history when community is sparse, she places into your hands a guidebook for holistic activism. Liliana was not comfortable in groups of women and could never have imagined leading a women’s circle. She woke up one morning from a dream that was so powerful it laid out guidelines for running a circle that was safe and inspirational…She shares simple tools that will keep facilitators and participants energetically safe, and having fun.

Rev. Liliana Barzola

One of the most amazing people I met was a woman named Martha Ahern. She was a beautiful earthy woman in her 50’s, silver haired with a warm face. Her laugh was a playful chuckle that turned into a head thrown back hearty laugh. Her joy was big, and her pain was honest and raw. She offered her home for me to stay in while I worked. It was filled with stones and gems, and figurines and drums. In her back yard was a hand-built stone labyrinth. The earth spoke to her one day and, the rocks asked to be placed in a spiral and once she got moving she realized that she was building a labyrinth. A rustic and rugged, earthy labyrinth made of stones. This was my first introduction to a labyrinth; a labyrinth built by hand with stones. Martha has participated in MANY healing circles and she brings the wisdom of her own healing into this circle.

Martha Ahern Liliana's Mentor

You can create a labyrinth with anything. Laying yarn in a spiral or river stones. It doesn’t actually take much space or thought. But the power is big. The walk of the labyrinth is symbolic of the path we walk in life. The Ancient Women’s Circle Dream was transformational. It came complete with instructions. When I realized that I was going to start the circle I felt ill-equipped. So I called on Martha Ahern for guidance. She lovingly coached me with a gentle hand, as I tried to get her to take on leading a circle. She chose to participate but didn’t want to lead. -Liliana Barzola