New Location in Bend, Oregon!

I am thrilled to announce our latest location in Bend, Oregon! (I will still be coming to Portland each month.)

I am so grateful to be collaborating with some amazing healers.

This space has been a longtime dream for my friend, Bonnie Skakel. She’s been eyeing a building on the river for two years now. When I say, “on the river”, I mean it’s like you’re walking on water. It’s that magnificent.

If you live here or are heading for a vacation in Bend, Oregon, I would love to see you live and in person. This little slice of heaven is called Riverside Wellness.



I Need Room To Shine MY Light

I want to share a story with you about my daughter. My husband decided to take her to explore the caves near our home. My daughter was delighted to be given her very own kid-sized lantern. She was absolutely fearless, venturing into the deep dark cave with him trailing behind her. The strangers that followed behind my husband and daughter soon began to catch up and light the way ahead of her...


Liliana’s Favorite Central Oregon Things

It has been almost 10 months since our move to Central Oregon. We have felt blessed to be here. We have made it through the winter and now we have amazing weather. If I had only one word to describe this place it would be: SKY! Big, open, amazing sky. If you are thinking of visiting Central Oregon this summer, let me to share my favorites places and businesses...