Laurie inspiration

Laurie Lemieux offers navigational support for all things People and Organizations. She is a master at partnering and supporting team leaders, entrepreneurs and gives stellar career advice. Laurie has always been fascinated by systems both ecological and relational. 

24 years ago Laurie was a postpartum mama rocking her babe to sleep when she came across an article in The Washington Post about a master’s program focused on ‘all things people and organizations’. She felt a passion come awake in her. She went on to earn a Masters in Org Development & Design from John Hopkins University and studied Decision Science at Stanford. She is a practicing Soto Buddhist and current member of Upaya Zen Center. To her, the spiritual life must be interwoven with the material. This is especially true when looking at the ecology of workplaces and leadership. 

The foundation of her expertise comes from being raised on a farm and mentored by her medicine woman grandmother.  

“My grandma Ida who became a chiropractor in the 1950’s, after raising four children and running a Kansas farm, WAS the original Whole Foods supplement aisle. She took care of her patients in her “Davenport” at her home that was filled with rows of supplements. My brother and I would ask for treatments just so we could get the massage. Although I’ve worked at some big name places I’m still a girl from the farm at heart. Growing up on a farm I know the power of good dirt. Together you and I will look into the shadow of your situation – check the soil, we will turn it over, plant seeds when the timing is right and infuse it. My humble beginnings keep me open to a FRESH perspective; beginner’s mind. I will work with you to find resolution and PEACE.”

-Laurie Lemieux